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What is a residence permit in Spain?

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Residence permit in Spain

A residence permit in Spain is a document that gives a foreigner (non-EU citizen) the right to long-term residence in the country.

All foreigners planning a long-term (more than ninety days) residence in the Kingdom of Spain are required to obtain a residence permit corresponding to the purpose of residence. Spanish residence permit can be both permanent (permanent residence) and temporary.

Who can obtain a residence permit in Spain?

  • Legal spouses of citizens of the country;
  • Property owners;
  • Foreign investors (by applying for a "golden visa");
  • Qualified workers of demanded specialties;
  • etc.

Residence permit in Spain with and without the right to work

Spouses of Spanish citizens can easily obtain a work permit as part of their residence permit. Also, the right to work is initially implied when obtaining a residence permit for a qualified employee, but the happy owners of the "golden visa" can invest in the country's economy and own a business, but they will not have the right to work. The same situation is with the owners of Spanish housing - in order to obtain a residence permit, they will need to acquire other sources of income located outside the kingdom.

Documents for obtaining a residence permit

The list required for obtaining a Spanish residence permit for each case will be different - for example, those applying for an investor visa will definitely need documents confirming the legality of invested funds, Spanish spouses will need various proofs of the validity of marriage, property owners will have to confirm their income outside the country, etc.

However, all applicants for a Spanish residence permit will need:

  • Completed applications of the established form;
  • Valid foreign passport (valid for at least a year from the expected date of obtaining a residence permit);
  • Certificate of clean criminal record;
  • Medical insurance policy.

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