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Real estate investment in Spain

Estate Barcelona is an investment sales expert in Spain

Services for investors in Spain

We provide comprehensive services for investors in Spain, offer personal service and individual solutions that will increase the profitability of investment projects from 8% to 10% per annum.

Our Investment Appraisal and Investor Case Development services are backed by many years of research and practical experience in commercial real estate in Spain. Estate Barcelona has detailed data on the Spanish investment market, obtained through transactions with the participation of our specialists.

In 2018, Estate Barcelona was recognized as the best real estate agency in Spain for Russian buyers.

  • Purchase and sale
  • Asset portfolio planning
  • Investment consulting in Spain
  • Project evaluation and audit
  • Organization of financial and legal expertise
  • Object Management
  • Accounting support and tax reporting
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Hundreds of completed investment projects in Spain from 2002 to 2020 confirm the high level of expertise of Estate Barcelona specialists in the field of real estate investment in Spain.

We develop and implement optimal solutions for investors in Spain. We increase the profitability of a business when buying and operating it.

We evaluate the economic prospects for investing in real estate in Spain and help you invest money profitably.

We form an investment portfolio with strategic accuracy, calculating any investor risks.

More than half of the clients delegate to us the management and complex administration of their business after the completion of the transaction.

Investment property in Spain with Estate Barcelona

The best offers for all types of investment projects in Spain

  • Premises
    with a tenant

    Price from 250 thousand
    Yield up to 8%

  • Hotels
    and Inns

    Price from 500 thousand
    Yield up to 9,5%

  • Commercial
    apartment buildings

    Price from 400 thousand
    Yield up to 7,5%

  • Individual

    Price from 400 thousand
    Yield up to 7,5%

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Investment Management Experts

Our team of experts in finance and law will help you deal with the most complex tasks. Thanks to our high level of knowledge of the commercial real estate market, we accurately predict the return on your investment and help you invest in Spain safely and profitably.

Pavel Maslov about investments in Spain

The investment expert and executive director of Estate Barcelona agency Pavel Maslov’s report "The whole truth about investing in Spain" at the SPEX conference.

Moscow | November 2018

Get to know the information about the Spanish investment market, operating performance and profitability of various properties and find out where to invest in Spain with the greatest profit.

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How we can help you

Investment Management Experts

We will help you select and purchase properties with guaranteed returns, accurately calculate the profitability of the project and portfolio of assets, agree on key commercial terms and eliminate the risks associated with the transaction when investing in real estate in Spain.

Real estate and business valuation

Valuation is an important aspect of any financial decision an investor makes. We will conduct an independent examination of all types of real estate and areas of interest, taking into account the current regulations in the field of investment in Spain, local taxation and finance.

Support at all stages of investment

We represent your interests in negotiations with representatives of banking organizations and local authorities on the implementation of investment projects, as well as on improving profitability and doing business.

We will provide investment consulting services and organize your visit to get acquainted with investment projects in Spain

Why investing in real estate in Spain is profitable

High rental yield

The average rental yield increased to 10.9% in 2017-2018. Investing in Spanish property for rental income is a competitive investment alternative for most investors.

Obtaining a Golden Investor Visa

Since 2013, the acquisition of investment property in Spain has served as the basis for obtaining the Golden Visa - a residence permit for a period of 2 years with a subsequent extension. Within 3-4 months, the investor receives a residence permit with the prospect of obtaining permanent residence and citizenship.

Stable rise in real estate prices

2018 was marked by an unprecedented increase in prices - by 8.4% on average across the country. For 2019, 2020 and 2021, the cost per square meter of housing in the secondary market is projected to increase by 4.3%, 3.5% and 3%, respectively. In the commercial real estate segment, prices will increase by 2.3%.

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  • Up-to-date analytical data on the state of the investment market in Spain
  • The complete guide to taxation, maintaining and obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain
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