Property in Spain

Choose the property from our list of properties or leave us the search request and we will send you the listing of available properties according to your requirements.

Spanish property has always been popular for investors. Amazing climate, warm sea, beaches, developed infrastructure for both vacation and living, culture as well as an economic growth and increasing demand makes Spain interesting not only for holidaymakers but also for those who want to invest properly.
Prices of the property in Spain vary depending on the location of the property. The most popular coasts are in the south including Marbella, Palma de Mallorca and in the northern part of Spain near France including Barcelona, Blanes and Lloret de Mar. The agency Estate Barcelona has been helping to find property in Spain for our clients for more than 15 years.

Popular Types of Property

There is a great range of property in Spain. It is popular for not only holidaymakers or those who want to live in Spain but also for investors who are interested in commercial investment property. The agency Estate Barcelona is working both with residential and commercial property in Spain. You can find apartments, penthouses, houses, villas, terraced houses or townhouses, land and a wide range of the best commercial property to invest.

Houses and Villas
Luxury property
Commercial Property

About Us

We are a Spanish real estate company with offices in Costa Brava and Barcelona. Our international and multilingual team will help you to find the best property, get the mortgage in the bank, accompany and consult during all the process of buying a property. In case of need we help you to get the investor’s residency.

We have more than 3000 direct properties
We have more than 1000 happy clients who found their home with our help
We can negotiate the price up to 12%!
We have insurance up to €775 000 for all the deals!
We always check the new property and provide only up-to-date properties

How do we work?

It is important to know the market and the laws in Spain before you are going to buy a property. To avoid risks and find the best option to invest we strongly recommend you to work with a good real estate agency like Estate Barcelona.

Over the last 15 years, we have been working with the local developers, government institutes and banks in Spain. That shows not only our experience but also our stability. We can guarantee the legitimacy of the deal and the clean title of any property purchased with us. We bear legal, financial and reputational responsibility to the client.

We have some offices around Spain and provide the whole range of services concerning the process of buying a property and getting any mortgage. After the property is purchased, we provide you post sale services by managing your property.


Search Request

You can leave search request by the phone, email or online indicating the parameters of the property, you are searching for or send us a reference number of the property to get more information about it.


The first contact

We prepare the list of the properties answering your criteria and contact you to discuss them.



We contact you to consult about the procedure of buying, legal issues or any other information you are interested in.


Property Search

We check the actual properties in the open and closed sources and provide you information about them.


Viewing Tour

We arrange the viewing tour from the properties you have chosen, provide you the agent who speaks your language and you can personally view all the properties.



You choose the best property that meet all your criteria. We negotiate with the owner, make bargaining and agree on the deposit.


Preparation for signing a Title Deed

We take responsibility to check all necessary documents, prepare the documents and solve all legal issues.


Signing a Title Deed

At the day of signing a title deed and transferring the money, you get the keys and become the happy owner of your Spanish property. Enjoy your new home in Spain!

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