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больница по рпп;купон на воздушные шары ростов

Our team

Accuracy and clarity not only characterize a real estate transaction, they can characterize a company's approach to working with clients. "Spotless reputation" is what we pursue. We are happy to be your reliable partner in buying property in Spain. We will resolve your issues with the human touch and high level of organization that we maintain both within the company and in working with you. Thank you for your trust.

Estate Barcelona Team

Pavel Maslov

Manager of Estate Barcelona

  • pavel@estate-barcelona.com

Ilina Valeeva

Real estate agent

  • ilina@estate-barcelona.com

Orlando Fernandez

Real estate agent

  • orlando@estate-barcelona.com

Olga Poluianovych

Real estate agent

  • lola@estate-barcelona.com

Ekaterina Revyakina

Real estate agent

  • ekaterina@estate-barcelona.com

Roman Labunskiy

Real estate agent

  • roman@estate-barcelona.com

Rafael Da Silva

Real estate agent

  • rafael@estate-barcelona.com

Evgenia Maslova

Head of real estate department

  • evgenia@estate-barcelona.com

Albert Vila

Chartered accountant, tax advisor

  • albert@estate-barcelona.com

Anastasia Parakhina

Real estate agent

  • anastasia@estate-barcelona.com

Eva Blasco

Chartered accountant, tax advisor

  • office@estate-barcelona.es

Ekaterina Efremova

Real estate agent

  • efremova@estate-barcelona.com

Evgeniy Shchelkanov

Head of PR department

  • evgeniy@estate-barcelona.com

Polina Ishchenko

Real estate agent

  • polina@estate-barcelona.com

Tatiana Nikonova

Immigration Lawyer in Spain

  • office@estate-barcelona.com

Valentí Alvarez Mera

Tax lawyer, financial advisor

  • office@estate-barcelona.com

Vicenç Bayarri Pla

Lawyer, corporate lawyer

  • office@estate-barcelona.com

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