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Anton Prikhozhev

I am writing this review being very impressed by what has happened in our lives. But first things first... My wife and I are passionate travelers and big fans of seaside holidays. Over the past three years, sunny Spain has simply amazed us! As soon as we have an opportunity, we immediately run away there. Recently, we began to catch ourselves thinking that we want to acquire our own "paradise", where we could occasionally return.

Last September we vacationed in Spain on the Costa Brava in the small beach town of La Pineda. We spent unforgettable two weeks there, after which we came to Barcelona for five days. One day, exhausted by another march through the city, we whiled away the evening in a hotel. In the absence of a Russian TV channel, we were surfing the Internet. Out of curiosity, we decided to see how much apartments cost in Barcelona. We were surprised by the huge difference in real estate prices, and of course we did not really understand anything. We decided to call several real estate agencies, on whose websites we liked the apartments, to find out why there are such different prices and what affects them. After another unsuccessful attempt, in the faint hope of getting an answer (it was after eight in the evening), I decided to make another call. Almost immediately, a girl answered me, politely introducing herself as Evgenia. That was how our acquaintance with the company "Estate Barcelona" began.

It started from there. The next morning, a car came for us and we made our first tour of the city. The same evening, we made the final decision to buy real estate (then we had almost no idea what we want and when it should happen). In the next three days, we visited so many apartments that we simply lost count. The process absorbed us so much that we forgot about all our initial plans and completely dived in the search for an apartment that we would like. Here I would like to note that those objects, the photographs of which we initially liked, did not look so attractive in real life. And only thanks to the professional efforts of the agency's specialists, we found what we really wanted to find. Exactly the apartment which we subconsciously dreamed of all these years.

A difficult situation arose here. By law, we had to pay a deposit and sign a preliminary contract. But since we came on vacation and were not going to buy anything more essential than clothes, we naturally did not have the necessary amount. Here, in our opinion, an absolutely miraculous event took place. Somehow, it was settled with the owner and by order of the company manager Pavel, the apartment that we liked was removed from sale and put in reserve. In general, I must admit that there were many amazing moments. Everywhere, wherever we appeared in the company of agency employees, they were waiting for us and gave us the warmest welcome. It was immediately clear that the company has considerable experience and well-established relations with Spanish companies. The next point that I want to highlight is a truly individual approach to clients. All our wishes and possibilities were taken into account. Everything was literally built up for us. This was actually very nice to know. But the most important surprise from the Estate Barcelona team for us was the fact that the price was reduced by 12,000 euros at the final stage of negotiations with the seller of the apartment. As a result, less than a month later, in October, we arrived to sign a preliminary contract.

Looking back and replaying the events of those days in my head in detail, I came to one remarkable conclusion. What if then in Barcelona, we didn’t meet these people on our way - our dream would still not come true. Thank you so much for the work you have done for us! Please accept our sincere gratitude! Good luck and wish you growth!

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Mikhail Petuhov

Good day to everyone wherever you are! My name is Mikhail, I live in the town of Domodedovo in Moscow region. I had been planning to buy property in Spain since 1999, when I first came to Spain and was fascinated by the country, people and standard of living. But unfortunately, the poor student did not have that kind of money at that time, and it was not possible to move to permanent residence for family reasons. And then I was thinking about where to buy real estate: in Russia or Spain. At the same time, over time, it has become no worse, and in some things even better than abroad, plus patriotic feelings.

I bought an apartment with an area of 59 meters plus a terrace of 9 meters on the first floor, on the second by Russian standards. It consists of a living room, a small European kitchen equipped with everything you need and a bedroom. The bathroom is combined. House built in 2004, looks almost as new. In total there are 6 houses in the complex and each has its own swimming pool. Also, a trastero of about 8 meters was included in the price (it is a storage room in the basement). The house itself is located in the elite area of the city of Lloret de Mar, which is called Fenals. It is especially pleasing that it is located in one of the most picturesque places in Catalonia, right at the entrance to the garden of Santa Clotilde. This option was found on the last day.

I must say that I looked at a lot of apartments during the week. Immediately, I concentrated my search on the cities of Lloret de Mar and Blanes. As a result, I bought an apartment for 106 thousand euros, despite the fact that initially they asked for 110 thousand, the discount amounted to 4 thousand. Basically, sellers are ready to give discounts of up to 10 percent, the main thing is not to agree immediately. But since I had little time, we only negotiated about 4%. Also, about 14 thousand amounted to: tax, notary's state duty, and other expenses. Moreover, the seller also incurred significant costs during the sale (but that's another story - how to sell an apartment).

The first time I was in Blanes was in 1999. The city hasn't changed much over the years. Last year I came to see real estate with my wife and baby son Nikita. I can say that with a stroller and on foot, it was quite difficult to watch, since some areas of the city are located on the hills. Initially, I wanted to buy an apartment in the center of Blanes, where everything is at hand, and life is always pulsing in winter, unlike tourist places, but then I realized that the old apartments that the local agency showed me were not for me. There was also a big disadvantage that these were noisy places and streets (since it was the center of the resort town). And I couldn’t afford where it was quiet and beautiful. I didn't buy anything in 2015.

A year later my search continued. On October 6, I flew in alone, having received carte blanche from my wife to buy, and started looking with the same company, quite famous in the local market. The big minus of this company was that they showed only their apartments. And I decided to expand the net, and as the fishermen say, make the mesh smaller. Before arriving in Spain, I found on the Internet contacts of other companies working with Russian clients. Some simply did not respond to my questions, others were reluctant to communicate, but Estate Barcelona specialist Andrei Karachun immediately responded to my request, providing contact information and promptly offering me options for apartments. They also declared their readiness to meet me at the airport upon arrival in Barcelona. Therefore, on the third day of my stay in Blanes, after seeing only three apartments with another agency, time-limited by a departure in three days and siesta in Spain, I started working with Estate Barcelona. In Spain, I started working with real estate specialist Pavel Maslov. After my call, in one evening they organized a large program of viewings throughout the local market, including the city of Lloret de Mar. The selection matched my budget plus 10-20 thousand in hope for discount, 1-2 bedrooms. Almost all places were quiet, apartments had large windows (there are often tiny windows in apartments in Spain), near the sea and with fresh renovation. On the second day, after three dozen apartments, I realized that I like Fenals. Literally a few hours before my departure, Pavel managed to arrange a meeting with the sellers of the apartment which I eventually liked and sign the contract.

I can say that I was very lucky with Estate Barcelona, because people who work there are able to understand what exactly the buyer needs, regardless of the holiday schedule in Spain, siesta and time of day. They found exactly my apartment, and did not try to sell me something that they needed. I must say that there are now a lot of people from Russia in the Fenals area, and the former owners of my apartment too. This is practically a new area, it has everything for life, wide streets and bike lanes. The area is almost flat, but nearby there is hilly area, pine forests and stunningly beautiful bays with stones and clean sand. There are also many Russian shops and cafes. There is a good large playground and a new school. For those who like to have more fun, there are discos of Lloret de Mar and Blanes with the historical center and narrow streets nearby.

For a foreigner in Spain, buying a property is not so easy. You need to obtain a taxpayer number, open an account with a local bank, confirming your paying capacity. Also, money for the purchase must be transferred from a bank in Russia, showing their origin. And most importantly, it is to be able to find in a foreign country exactly YOUR property in which your family will feel as comfortable as possible. Estate Barcelona made it as easy as possible for me to purchase an apartment in Spain. I didn’t have to run around the authorities myself, stand in lines or fill out documents because my interests were represented by my real estate agency. The whole process took a little over a month. Guys, thank you so much for what you have done for me. I wish you all love and creativity! And may your dreams come true!

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We decided to buy real estate in Spain. The town of Blanes was recommended to us by friends as quiet, compared to neighboring Lloret de Mar. In addition, Blanes is the end of the railway line from Barcelona, which means you can get there without a car. At first, we were afraid to contact the agencies because we had heard about the unpleasant scenes of the "fight for the client" - with Russian-speaking agents and a lot of swearing. We started searching on the Internet and found an agency with the most reasonable prices and a detailed description of real estate in Blanes. In addition, the agency itself was in Blanes. We agreed on a meeting, met - a Russian-speaking employee drove up along with a Spanish employee of the agency - which turned out to be very useful - conversations with the Spaniards were easier. We were taken exactly to the types of apartments that we wanted, and most importantly, within our budget. And at the end of our views, we saw that an apartment was for sale in the house where we were renting an apartment. The guys promptly contacted the owner, and the next day we already looked at the apartment, which was a complete match with our ideas, helped to reduce the initial price and a month later (and this is before the very new year - when no one wants to do anything and all thoughts are about holiday) we closed the deal.

They helped us open a bank account and introduced us to the director of the local branch (which was very useful later). With the help of the Estate Barcelona agency and its staff, we transfered the utility and electricity from the old owners very quickly (if you delay in switching the electrics, for example, there will be a renewal of the contract and a payment of 600 euros - so we saved on this as well ;)).

After buying an apartment, we needed a small renovation and we were recommended a Russian-speaking contractor with whom we subsequently communicated, we chose furniture on the Ikea - Russia website, and the contractor bought all the furniture in Ikea - Spain by numbers, and assembled it in our apartment, the assortment is all the same, as a result, upon arrival for a summer vacation, we no longer spent time on furnishing, everything was ready for our holiday.

Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail.

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Some time ago, we had an opportunity to complement the noisy “Moscow” with the beautiful Barcelona... The decision was made, but, apparently, on the way to our dream, we met not quite the people who could make it come true. That is, they almost made it come true, only to their reality and our spent deposit - it happened, it was the first experience, not entirely successful, but even very much the opposite... In general, why change "noisy" Moscow for "noisy" Barcelona - in Spain there are many wonderful places for recreation and life!

On the recommendation of Dmitry Krylov from "Unlucky Notes" we drew attention to the chic coast of the Costa Bravo! Everything suited us - proximity to Barcelona and Girona, almost walking distance to France, beautiful nature and gentle sea - is it possible to resist such temptations! And we didn't resist...

About 15 companies simultaneously took up the realization of our dream - several of them were located in Spain, and, as usual, most of them were in both capitals of Russia.

We met Pavel Maslov from Estate Barcelona on Skype - the man was surprisingly always available, completely open and infinitely friendly, finding him at his workplace on Saturday was a common thing!

And we quickly realized that we needed to go there - to a place where we had never been before, because we constantly rested in other parts of Spain, we definitely needed to go there, because everything was unfamiliar and unknown there - and what could be better than this wonderful feeling of pioneers!

At the beginning of November, under the gentle sunshine, we were already met by our future friend - Pavel, he really did not know this then yet. You always can tell between when someone wants to help you, and when everything is done because it is supposed to, and they are already tired of you. We felt Pavel’s really great desire to help, he chose and offered as if he was going to buy an apartment and live in it! With the help of Pavel, a record was set for the deal - at the end of November we were already the legal owners of a wonderful apartment overlooking the cedar grove and the endless sea!

And then there was help with renovation, with the arrangement in a new apartment, and all sorts of joyful moments that allow us to assert that Estate Barcelona specialists are real specialists, sincerely worrying about the interests of their clients!

I wish you great success, good luck and fulfillment of all desires!

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Andrey and Anastasia

Hi! From our family, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Estate Barcelona for their help in choosing and buying property in the sunny country of Spain. I would especially like to note the high professionalism, responsiveness, literacy and knowledge of their business. After cooperation with your company, we have only positive emotions and we will definitely recommend you to all our friends as a guide in the real estate market in Spain. Also, after making of the deal, the guys did not leave us, but continued to help us. Their help was in dealing with everyday issues that interested us, which also pleasantly surprised us. We got assistance in choosing a school for our children, buying a car, etc. Companies like Estate Barcelona are not common. We are glad to be clients of this company. Many thanks for the excellent organization and support of the entire process of buying a property, from A to Z. Particularly, I would like to thank Pavel and Evgenia, many thanks for your concern. Sincerely, Andrey and Anastasia

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Vladimir Emelyantsev

The Estate Barcelona team are very good at their job. I turned to them and after a couple of weeks I was already enjoying my new home!  And the options selected for me were one better than the other. Beautiful villas, we didn’t know where to look first. It was extremely difficult to make a choice. And only thanks to the efforts of the agency staff, my choice turned out to be the right one. I just don't have words to express my gratitude to these people.

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I want to tell you our story of buying property in Spain, maybe this experience will be useful to someone. We had been searching for over three years. Being cautious people, we chose not one agency, but several. Therefore, there is something to compare. The first two years the search was unsuccessful, we looked at a lot of options on the Costa Dorada, Costa Brava. We doubted very much, and if our views with my husband on at least one nuance were different, we rejected the option. But the biggest frustration was the behavior of the agents. The desire to sell was so great that people, without delving into the details, just stupidly drove us around the objects that we had. Perhaps they expected that we would get tired and finally buy at least something)). We got tired, but didn’t buy))).

Three years later we resumed the search. Through the Internet, we found several objects in the company. Arriving in Barcelona, they met us at the airport, helped us with the rental of comfortable apartments while searching for real estate. To be honest, I was even alarmed by such a willingness to solve our problems in everything)). What we liked: the agency most professionally approached the selection of real estate specifically for our request. We were not shown "dead stock". Moreover, in the process of working and communicating with agent Pavel, even narrower points of our request became clear and they were also satisfied. I love people who value both my time and theirs. We chose exclusively from what satisfied our request. At the same time, we worked with another agency and immediately in comparison it became clear who is worth working with and who is not. Agents of another agency showed absolutely not what we asked for, they showed objects much over our budget. What they showed, even if we liked it, was completely unaffordable. And several objects crossed paths in the search with the previous agency. And imagine how we reacted to the agency when the price tag for the same thing was raised by 100 thousand euros!!! Of course, we understood that we would not work with such people.

On the third day of viewing, we honestly shared all our impressions of what we saw in a competing agency with Pavel, including saying that we really liked one house, but did not like the price. Pavel rummaged through all the existing bases with us and found the object we liked. Moreover, we did not count on this, he put the squeeze on the owner for our budget!!!! To be honest, I have never met agents who would take the customer's problems as their own. And Pavel did it. He brought down the price. He walked the whole house with us. He has education in construction and he honestly pointed out the technical flaws of the house, as well as the advantages (which prevailed!!!) he showed us that the house was not built for sale, as he himself dug into the waterproofing covering the foundation. He pointed to the quality of electrics, water supply and other things that are really done in a smart way in currently Our house. In general, only thanks to the exceptional efforts of this person, we finally found what we were looking for. Today we understand that we bought a house for the price of an apartment. And that if it weren’t for Pavel’s professionalism, we would probably still doubt and be looking for.

About the transaction. Again, thanks to the efforts of the agency, we received a very favorable property loan. Everything we were told about the cost of utilities turned out to be true. All named amounts of taxes and quarterly payments were true. It was another moment of distrust of other agents because they were yelling and lowering these rates, if only people would buy. Now we understand that a complete stranger turned out to be not just a business assistant, but also a friend! So it happens that even now, when we are spending our first Spanish summer, difficulties arise, Pavel and no one else is the first to lend us a helping hand. Now he is not obliged to help us, he may not pick up the phone at all, but since he is a Man with a capital letter, he continues to babysit us and we do not understand why.

So, I really want to thank this honest professional business man and give him only the best recommendations!!! Thank you, Pavel, we are very grateful to you for the help that you have provided and continue to provide.

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