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What is Escritura in Spain?

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What is Escritura

Escritura (escritura de compra-venta) in Spain is a document confirming the right of a new buyer to own real estate, in other words, a Purchase and sale deed.

Escritura is an official, notarized document certifying the change of the legal owner of the property after the purchase and sale of housing. The Spanish Purchase and sale deed is signed and certified not only by the buyer and seller, but also by a notary, a translator and a lawyer who officially accompanies the transaction. The Purchase and sale deed signed by a notary is transferred to the Property Registry to update the data on the owner of the property.

Escritura is compiled exclusively in Spanish, even in cases where a foreigner plans to become the new owner of the property. The issued Purchase and sale deed remains for storage in the notary's office that was engaged in its issue.

What is described and indicated in the escritura - the Spanish Purchase and sale deed?

  • Information about the seller of real estate, its buyer, as well as everyone involved in the transaction - a translator, notary, lawyer and legal representatives;
  • Detailed data on the object of the transaction: address, description, extract from the property register, cadastral number of housing and all related information, the cost of the object (as well as the cost of taxes to be paid) is also indicated;
  • Detailed data on the transaction process - how it is paid, information about the mortgage loan (if a bank loan is involved);
  • Etc.

When can Escritura be used?

  • When applying for a residence permit in Spain;
  • Upon receipt of a residence permit in Spain;
  • When applying for a long-term Schengen visa;
  • Upon subsequent resale of housing.

The original Purchase and sale deed, as already mentioned, will be kept in the notary office that executed the transaction. If the need arises, you can always get a copy of your Purchase and sale deed - certified or not. Uncertified copies of the Escritura do not have legal force, but notaries issue them quickly enough: within a day or two. It will take a little longer to receive a copy of the Purchase and sale deed certified by a notary, in addition, this service is paid - about 50 €. To receive the service, you will need to provide the notary with a copy of your passport or NIE

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